Mission Rebuild Nepal started its operation as early as 4th day of Massive Earthquake that struck Nepal, way before it was formally established.  Most of our board members were in Remote part of Nepal providing relief to the villagers on May 12th, when the second major Earthquake struck again.

Dr. Baroon Rai, Mission Rebuild Nepal’s Board Member on the way to Nepal
After hearing the news of massive earthquake, Baroon didn’t think twice to take time off without pay from ICU. He raised about $20K from his own hospital and supplies and boarded plane on the way to Ground zero.

Four days after the first earthquake:

Dr. Sandesh Pandit, from Oregon headed out to Nepal carrying supplies worth of $30,000. Baroon, Sandesh and Madan met in transit in-route to Nepal and started making plan on what we they be doing once they reach Nepal.

Glimpse of a damage caused by the earthquakes


Accomplishment 1: Set up mobile medical camps in Sindhupalchouk, 250 patient served.

Accomplishment 2: Food distribution enough for 1 month reserve to 6100 individuals in 4 VDC from Sindhupalchowk and Dhading District.

Accomplishment 3: Distributed 1500 tents.

Accomplishment 4: Declared Sipapokhare VDC as a NO HUNGER ZONE after distributing Relief package to 100% population.

Accomplishment 5: Trekked to Bhotang with 4 doctors, nurses and physician assistant, logistic and support team to distribute relief package and implement flies control measures.

Dr. Dikshanta Prasai examining a patient. He was accompanied by Yuvraj Sharma. Both of them almost got killed on the mountain when the second earthquake stroke Nepal.

Russian volunteer, Vera Leader, and a Nepalese volunteer from the US, Nepo Lina became sick because of which we had to evacuate them from our work zone immediately.