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Mission Rebuild Nepal is a 501 C (3) Organization, which was formed after two massive earthquakes hit Nepal in 2015. Those earthquakes claimed thousands of lives , and billions of dollars in property damages. Since its formation, we have built 800 houses for earthquake survivors, built a school in the same village. We are now raising fund for one and only schools for autistic children in Nepal. Please join us in making education accessible to all in Nepal.

Who are we?

We are Mission Rebuild Nepal family.  We go above and beyond for humanitarian causes. We even risked our lives for such causes.  We believe that by investing 100% of donated amount to the project site, we can make a bigger impact. We are a salary free organization

And yes, our offices are in Nepal and the US , which makes it easier to  oversee our projects closely. 

We are 501 C(3) Organization registered in Virginia, which means your donations are tax deductible. 

What do we believe in?

Mission Rebuild Nepal believes in four pillars for national success: Education, Health, Infrastructure, and Culture.

In order to thrive, countries should make education accessible to its children/citizens regardless of their origin, socio-economic status, and disability status. Mission Rebuild Nepal supports all types of efforts made by local individuals and organizations that work towards imparting education to those who are in desperate need but do not have adequate resources to afford education. 

Another important factor for a nation to thrive is to have access to quality health services so that people don’t have die or fall sick with trivial preventable diseases. Mission Rebuild Nepal has a strong network of medical doctors in the US and in Nepal, and is capable of providing telemedicine services in remote part of Nepal. At some point in the future, it plans to invest in this area. 

Access to road, water, school, hospitals, preparedness for natural calamities etc. are immensely important for a nation to develop. Although Mission Rebuild Nepal doesn’t work directly on the huge infrastructure projects, it takes pride in rebuilding an entire village by delivering 800 houses, and a school in a village that was fully destroyed by two massive earthquakes in Nepal in 2015. 

Respecting cultural heritage, festivals, basic morales, ethics, honesty , respecting others, and being proud of one’s identity is extremely important in building a corruption free, caring, and socially responsible societies. 

We are currently raising fund to build one and only school for autistic children in Nepal.

Learn more about this school at http://www.ssdrc.org.np/

To learn more about this project, watch this short video

We Rebuilt this Entire Village

Picture on the left was one of the  villages hardest hit  by 2015 earthquakes in Nepal. All 1000 houses were destroyed, many human lives and cattle killed, and schools were damaged. Mission Rebuild Nepal took a very challenging goal to rebuild this entire village,, and as a result of collective efforts of donors, team, volunteers, we were able to build 800 houses. Remaining 200 were  built by villagers themselves. 

Total Cost was approx: $425,000

We also built this school

On September 2017, Mission Rebuild Nepal  signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Rajeshwori Higher Secondary School to add new storey to the existing building at Sipapokhari VDC, Sindhupalchowk. This is the same village where we built 800 houses.  Total cost of the project wa approx. $45,000. Funds donated from late Keith DeFolo’s Trust was used towards this project.

What do our donors and volunteers say?

Rajdhani Mandir, located in Northern Virginia acted promptly after the EQ news and its congregation donated wholeheartedly including Mandir organizing several EQ Victims Relief Fundraisers in Mandir and outside. Mandir was looking to pick appropriate organization in Nepal, India and/or local to disburse the funds. Although without much history, Mandir reluctantly sponsored 30 houses through MRN. However, Mandir management became pleasantly surprised when MRN provided such detailed proof of how the funds were used including the material cost up to a single nail/brick, names, records and pictures of the recipients of Mandir sponsored houses and audit trails showing that MRN is truly a zero overhead NGO. Mandir decided to sponsor another enhanced design 12 houses with shade for the livestock. It has been a pleasure to working with and support such dedicated volunteers and their NGO, the MRN.

Alok Srivastava, PhD

Rajdhani Mandir

I had the privilege of working with Mission Rebuild Nepal in September and October 2015.  During that time, the residents of Sipapokhare welcomed me into their lives, not just to work side by side with them in rebuilding their homes, but to immerse myself in their community.  The work that MRN is doing has been critical in rebuilding these communities and helping them to move forward from the damage of the past year. Though I joined MRN as a volunteer to lend a hand to the villagers, I left having received far more from them.  

Max Clark

Volunteer, New York

Our Volunteers are the best. Thank you all!

Mission Rebuild Nepal doesn't only care about the causes of Nepal

In collaboration with Saath Initiatives, Salt Lake City, USA< Mission Rebuild Nepal organized a Gala on July 27, 2019 to fund two projects: (a) Sheroes Hangouts from India, who fights for acid attack survivors, (b)  School for autism students in Nepal. 

We Run and Walk for Nepal and for other Humanitarian Causes. Do you want to join us?


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