Starvation may kill more in Nepal than coronavirus

Only $2 will feed a family of four for a day

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we’re all struggling with the effects it has caused in our livelihoods. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same privileges when having to deal with the struggles. In developing countries like Nepal, a secondary risk emerges when people depend on their daily wages and labor for their survival, resulting in a lack of food when they are unemployed and unable to work. Consequently, many of those in poverty have a greater risk of dying from starvation than from the virus itself.

If even the smallest contribution can save a family from famine and hunger, we need to take a stance and support those in need. We have created the opportunity, now the power to make a difference is in your hands. 100% of the proceed will be utilized to buy food from a local supply chain. 

You can make a difference by a donating whatever amount and we will deliver food to the needy family on your behalf. Families of Nepal would be eternally grateful to you. 

Mission Rebuild Nepal is a 501C Non profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

For Donation CLICK HERE                 Credit card, debit date or paypal via GoFundMe.

Write a check to:

Mission Rebuild Nepal, Inc

520 Springvale Rd

Great Falls, VA 22066

Here is how we work:

  1. Mission Rebuild Nepal’s volunteers are collecting data on the families who are starving or are prone to starve because of lock down. We are taking Shivastashi, Ward No 6 as a pilot project site. Pleas see most recent Data HERE
  2. We work with local vendors, food supplies and organizations in Nepal directly to purchase and transport food supply like rice, grains, lentils. 
  3.  We deliver supply enough for each targeted family to their homes for one month.
  4. While delivering food supplies, volunteers will take all precautions, and follow government advisories to  stay safe and practice social distancing. 
  5. Once everyone in villages selected for the first phase gets served, we will replicate the same approach and model to other villages. 

These pictures say it all - It is time to thank these marginalized families who are prone to starve due to national lockdown. Our volunteers in actions. Please check out our Facebook page for frequent updates: