Dr. Madan Uprety, Psychiatrist President, Mission Rebuild Nepal CEO/President of MyPsychiatrist LLC., VA CEO of Diamond Home Healthcare LLC. , VA

Mission Rebuild Nepal started its operation as early as 4th day Massive Earthquake that struck Nepal, way before it was formally established. Many of our members, including myself, were in remote part of Nepal providing relief to the villagers in May 12, 2015 (the time when second major Earthquake struck again). Looking back, it was actually very risky and dangerous operation. The same helicopter that we use to go to Bhotang got into fatal accident after one week of our operation. Dr. Dikshanta Prasai and Yuvraj Sharma from Kathmandu nearly got killed in the mountain during second earthquake. Volunteers from the US, Vera Leader, a friend Nepolina got acute diarrhea and needed to be evacuated from our work zone immediately.

I would like to salute you all who went to the ground and help people without regard of your own safety. It was purely a selfless volunteer work dedicated to humanity. You need to have a unique mindset and truly altruistic personality to leave your daily comfort and subject yourself to such risk in order to create better life for less fortunate.

I was quite fortunate to associate with many of such personalities and indebted to them for allowing me to work with them for last one year. Despite working with volunteer’s diverse background, I found one sticking commonality with all of these individuals. All of them were deeply dedicated individuals and had strong desire to help others – they typically expect less from others and avoid media attention. They have ability to adapt and function in any extreme conditions.

As an example, probably very few know about Dr. Baroon Rai – he is a talented young intensive care physician from California. After hearing news of massive earthquake, Baroon didn’t think twice to take time off without pay from ICU, he raised about $20K from his own hospital and supplies and boarded on the way to Ground zero.

Another orthopedics and sports surgeon, Dr. Sandesh Pandit, from Oregon headed out to Nepal carrying supplies worth of $30,000. Three of us met in transit in-route to Nepal. Similarly, I met with Dr. Rashmi Thapa, a cardiologist from Kansas, Dr. Ganesh Chaudhari , Dr. Binod Dhungana and Dr. Dinesh Subedi while working in remote Nepal.

On a special note, I must mention that Padam Regmi and Sagar Kandel from America Nepal Helping Society travelled to Nepal immediately after Earthquake and worked day and night distributing food and relief materials to the people of Sipaphokhare. Thank you for your service.

I would also like to recognize Dr. Navin Sharma, who is in Kathmandu, for providing logistic support and manage supply chain during our initial operation. I must recognize pediatric psychiatrist Dr. Arun Kunwar at Kanti Hospital and renowned cardiac surgeon, Dr. Bhagawan Koirala for taking time out of their busy schedules to manage and monitor our reconstruction project.

While working as a team in Nepal, we realized the need of establishing a formal process to rebuild shattered infrastructures. Therefore, we made a decision to register Mission Rebuild Nepal in both USA and Nepal as a non-profit organization.

Volunteers like Rosa Matheson from UK, Maxime Reginald from France, Max Clark from New York, Dr. Prakash Karki from Indiana had stayed in the village for weeks providing support to the project. These volunteers had nothing to do with people of Sindhupalckouk personally but yet, they travelled all the way to Kathmandu and Sipaphokare, spending their hard earned money and leaving their job and family behind. Their sole objective was to help the people they never knew.

Mission Rebuild Nepal has been actively working and providing service every day to the community since it was formed. It was not an easy task to accomplish whatever we have achieved so far, considering our initial financial constraints, Nepal political and bureaucratic disturbances, extreme geographical setting, poor road access and border economic blockage.

Being a new organization, we also had a challenge to prove our-selves as a credible, transparent, goal oriented organization with zero tolerance to corruption and fund mismanagement. In light of widespread corruption, past failures of numerous similar non-profit organizations and poor fund management history in Nepal, it was natural for the public to see us with suspicion and uncertainty – I hope that with we have been able to change that perception towards us.

It was only possible by devoting over 10,000 expert hours from our board members and volunteers. I would like to thank Volunteer Engineers, Overseers, Field Officer, Social mobilize, project managers and village coordinator, office assistance for their service. Many thanks to our country director Kamal Bhatta and former country director Kirti Thapa for leading Nepal team. As a result of our collective effort, I am glad to announce that we are one the fewest organizations to operate a project of this scale at zero Admin cost.

How can you help?

Donate home, you can donate one house with $450 dollars. There are 250 families in our project area waiting for your support.

Encourage people around you: Talk to your friend, coworker, your boss, family members, with your children, uncle, aunt, and neighbor. You will be surprised to see how people around you have deeper interest to help others.

Spread positive news: We are in social media, liked us in Facebook, share our stories, visit website. www.missionrebuildnepal.com

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Become our volunteer: we desperate need people for public relation, information management and operation support.