A challenge to prove our-selves as a credible, transparent, goal oriented organization with zero tolerance to corruption and fund mismanagement.

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    A challenge to prove our-selves as a credible, transparent, goal oriented organization with zero tolerance to corruption and fund mismanagement.



We rescued several lives, and provided medical treatment to those who were buried with rubles left aside by two massive earthquakes in Nepal in 2015.  Most of our board members in Nepal and the US are medical doctors, and we are always ready to serve our fellow people whenever a natural disaster hit them. Sometime we help on site, and the other times, we provide financial support and counseling to help people in need.


Rescue and Relief efforts go hand in hand. Once a natural disaster hit the village or a country, people lose their cattle, food, and shelters, so survival becomes a challenge. Therefore, it is important that we provide relief materials to as many people as we can.

With each natural disasters, we see people lose homes and shelters, and are forced to spend nights either in an open ground or inside a tent, which could be risky as strong wind/ heavy rain could sweep away tents, and make people sick. So, here at Mission Rebuild Nepal, we are committed to rebuild as many possible sturdy shelters as we can for those who lost families, and houses in by earthquakes.



By publishing account details at granular details, Mission Rebuild Nepal has been able to maintain utmost transparency on how your donation has been used.


With our stringent policies on fund transfer, accounting, and fraud, waste and abuse,  we are able to to monitor the progress at our site, speak with the locals in Nepal, and thereby, hold any wrong doer accountable for any action that violates Mission Rebuild Nepal’s philosophy and mission.

Cost Minimization

By using the local resources, such as mud, bamboos, wood, skilled labors etc,  and by contributing board members’ volunteer hours for strategic planning, operation, and management, Mission Rebuild Nepal has been successful in minimizing the cost of operation to the highest possible extent.

Local Participation

We believe that the victims of natural disaster will have vested interest to give their best on the houses they rebuild for themselves and for their neighbors and villagers. Therefore, we engage residents and leaders around our project site in the rebuilding effort. With this strategy, we have have been successful in building higher quality house apart from giving a jump start to the local economy.



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I had the privilege of working with Mission Rebuild Nepal in September and October 2015. During that time, the residents of Sipapokhare welcomed me into their lives, not just to work side by side with them in rebuilding their homes, but to immerse myself in their community. The work that MRN is doing has been critical in rebuilding these communities and helping them to move forward from the damage of the past year. Though I joined MRN as a volunteer to lend a hand to the villagers, I left having received far more from them.

MAX CLARKE Mission Rebuild Nepal Volunteer, 2015

Rajdhani Mandir, located in Northern Virginia acted promptly after the EQ news and its congregation donated wholeheartedly including Mandir organizing several EQ Victims Relief Fundraisers in Mandir and outside. Mandir was looking to pick appropriate organization in Nepal, India and/or local to disburse the funds. Although without much history, Mandir reluctantly sponsored 30 houses through MRN. However, Mandir management became pleasantly surprised when MRN provided such detailed proof of how the funds were used including the material cost up to a single nail/brick, names, records and pictures of the recipients of Mandir sponsored houses and audit trails showing that MRN is truly a zero overhead NGO. Mandir decided to sponsor another enhanced design 12 houses with shade for the livestock. It has been a pleasure to working with and support such dedicated volunteers and their NGO, the MRN.

ALOK SRIVASTAVA, PH.D. Dr. Alok Srivastava is Secretary, Executive Board of Rajdhani Mandir, Chantilly VA
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