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नेपालीहरू द्वारा नेपालीहरूका लागी - कोविड-19 संक्रमित नागरिकहरुको जीवन बचाउन!

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Project Summary

Oxygen Plants
Weeks for Delivery
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Why are we raising fund?

Just shipping plants from France to Nepal is not sufficient. It is equally important to ensure that they  are running smoothly all the time, and that we have contingency  fund to cover costs of local transportation, backup generators, and maintenance  and support. 

Local Transportation

Backup Generators

Maintenance Support

What is Nepal Oxygen Project?

Nepal has been hard hit by the Covid 19 second wave in early 2021. A lot more people are being infected and dying at the rate that were unimaginable in 2020. With this rapid increase, demand for oxygen all across the country is skyrocketing, unfortunately, hospitals and government do not have enough oxygen plant and concentrator. In order to alleviate this pain and tackle scarcity or oxygen and to save preventable deaths related to oxygen deficiency, Mission Rebuild Nepal is partnering with various NGOs and INGOs to procure, deliver, and operate eleven oxygen plants in Nepal. Based upon estimates from experienced medical professionals, total of eleven oxygen plants and high pressure cylinder filling system will immensely help solve oxygen scarcity problem in Nepal. Goal of this project is to procure, deliver and install eleven oxygen plants and high pressure cylinder filling system in Nepal to tackle oxygen shortage problem inflicted by Covid 19 outbreak in 2021.
 Mission Rebuild Nepal is a 501C Non profit organization.. All donations are tax deductible.

Current Status

  • As of June 1 2021, commitment for 10 oxygen plants  by various organizations in Nepal and the US
  • 10 oxygen plants and 5 oxygen fillings system are currently in production at NOVAIR’s manufacturing unit. 
  • In consultation with  Dr. Bhagwan Koirala, Dr. Arun Kunwar, the consortium has  finalized the list of hospitals where each generator will be installed.

Plant's Specifications

Oxygen generator
  • Manufacturer: Novair S.A.
  • Origin: France
  • Oxygen Flow: 15 Nm3/h, 250 LPM
  • Oxygen Purity: 95±1 %
  • Outlet Pressure: 4.5-6 ba
  • Submicronic Air Filtration System (0.01μm)
  • Digital display featuring continuous display and recording of oxygen purity and pressure, display of alarms and events, due preventive maintenance operations, count down of production of oxygen. Automatic shut off valve if oxygen concentration drops from required level
  • Final outlet oxygen filtration system, maximum solid particles size 0.01μm

More info about the specifications can be found here

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